Josh (“SpokesGay”) shows deference to the tranz

world + dog continue to mock poor Smellody

Let the record show I strongly disapprove of people being mean to her. The most I’ve done is prepend an “s” to her name. Teasing is to be expected, but I had hoped it would fizzle out.

Yes, this. A thousand times, this.

Now would be a good time for melody’s friend and colleagues to help dissipate the situation.

“Die Cis Scum Girl” is a Poe? No way?

i feel so stupid lolz, i didn’t know

Is he, how so?

Is SophiaPhotos a Poe?

You won’t believe what “Skepchick” @Esteleth says “cis” people are “internalising”.

No thanks, I’m not gay. :)

Yes, transwomen like SophiaPhotos are male. That is their biological sex. But they self identify as “women”, and apparently it’s bigoted to say otherwise. FINE, SP’s gender is “woman”. Happy?

That said, you can still say SP is male. Male is biological sex, it is immutable.

Males have penises.

Hmm.. I think it literally is.


Animal Exceptions

Honestly, “TERFs” don’t care. They (rightly or wrongly) want sex-segregated toilet facilities for humans.

It’s because you are female

Becky is like Suey Park, on steroids