Rice Morgan has a point here, re: zoe quim



male prostitue, sabine, gives “good sex” to “male feminists”

Submarine man compares and contrasts GamerGate and BeckyGate


People opposed to Donald Rumsfeld and George W Bush hate women?

Dear gaming community, listen to us skeptic veterans!

Discomfort IS a valid concern. This is a straw man.

Becky is not a concern, it’s the lame ass SJWs masquerading as “feminists”.

Well, Becky is pretty lame and dishonest.

More like HEROES.

Nor am I, I play like Asphalt 8 on my iPad and Angry Birds on my iPhone. It’s solidarity!

Where are all the females?


And here:

Disparaging comments about Becky?

Justicar (Yotuube user : IntegralMath) is a gayer. He was mocking PZ myers for suggesting that *he* specifically wanted to “corner” becky. If becky had a penis, he might be game. I lament his brash comments, made me cringe a bit, as not everyone might realise he is a gay.