Is saying girls should have to shower with males, transphobic?

I’m sympathetic to trans rights and I haven’t read the article. I’ve only looked at the big words on the poster.

Can’t we all see that sex segregation is to protect girls’ privacy and comfort?

I’m not sure it’s helpful to call this transphobia. I’m leaning more toward “well duh – common sense”

Brooke Manganti is herself a skeptic and scientist

Public tweets are public records. Deal with it. Begone with your Storify-phobia.

Also, you are yourself male. D’oh.

I’ve been defending Magnanti… sorta.. Oh you mean MJRobbins don’t you?

Cos there are defo male “skeptics” advocating for her. For example:

Okay, Jeremy isn’t doing himself any favours, if he’s trying to find her former clients. HELLO people pay for privacy and secrecy. The last thing they want to do is be interviewed. What if their wives or birds were to find out?

It does look that way. Her detractors have a motive (anti sex work).

She’s coming of as the victim here, IMO. How about some examples of the beyond the pale behaviour from bea?

If it was harassment then couldn’t Twitter settle this once and for all?

Your mum is *dripping with oil of serpent*

Snake Oil / Woo

Dripping with it?

What if it is her?

I still don’t understand why this is a big deal even if it is her.

What did Bea_Attitude actually do, beyond being gossipy and a bit nasty?

So, there’s evidence, but you can’t reveal it?
Sorry, that’s not going to cut it. And I say this an an “enemy” of Brooke’s clique.

Can we at least know the nature of what she was allegedly saying? Because, whilst I agree with Anya and Jeremy that there’s a good possibility that it’s Magnanti, I don’t get why this matters so much.

Even though Bea has deleted tweets/made them private, surely I would have captured some of this stuff on my Storifies. (Maybe it’s there and I just don’t realise it?)

The most egregious examples of Bea_Attitude’s behaviour

Well, it depends what was being said. If it was like “I think Jane Doe has stupid hair”, that counts as one tweet about a person. Now, if she did that every other day, that would make 150 tweets over a year.

A key thing is that “bea_Attitude” never @-ed anyone. That means that people must have been searching for their names. Now, this doesn’t excuse her behaviour, but it’s an important point.

‘Creepily Intrusive Details’

I need an example. Is it like “I saw Jane Doe get off with John Doe at a night out”? I imagine it must be, cos how else could she know about people she isn’t friends with?

This could be viewed by detractors as an excuse for not presenting evidence of harassment.

Stavvers revelling in winding y’all up

The purported behaviour of Bea_Attitude does seem very simlar to Stavvers’ MO.

And their side is gleeful that the evidence isn’t water-tight. Which it needs to be, if you are to prove these bullies are tormenting you.

Bill Maher mocks OneSarahJones (and those retards) for enabling FGM

Mykeru rapes JREF

Angry male transsexuals vent ire at Richard Dawkins, for some reason

Long hair

that’ll teach him!

MRA Melby

The run up to this

All the above SJWs are males (♂ sarahlicity, ♂ janphar, ♂ nataliereed84).

Maybe lying about The-D-Man will make them forget this, idk.



co-author, AmbrosiaX, has video chat with ant on a hill

It’s very long so you probably won’t watch it.

NB: Anton A Hill doesn’t wear shades indoors to be like bongo. He has visual issues. I thought he was being a douche but turns out he is visually challenged.