Steven Novella, you disappoint me. #elevatorgate @skepticsguide

I’ve only just been made aware of Watson’s article

Then there’s this elevatorgate blog, in which a man attempts to convince my fellow SGU co-hosts to kick me off the podcast. I learned of this one from Steve Novella, who emailed it to me with the subject line “Another stalker”. Again, every post on this blog appears to be about me and what a bitch I am. He posts videos saying that I’m so ugly I should feel thankful that men proposition me against my stated wishes, and videos calling me mentally ill and a cunt (this appears to be the favorite insult – I wonder why) including one popular video from The Amazing Atheist, a YouTuber who is, I guess, trying to be Lewis Black but without the comedy. The blogger even posts videos from women who have criticized me, pointing out that they are “actually attractive.” Yep, no issues there

You’re a show that promotes critical thinking and free debate, and act you like irrational jerks. This is groupthink, hurling out abuse and nonsense to dissenters. Cliquey Novella brothers and Watson.

I really use to respect you, Novella.

I know you couldn’t care less; it’s not like you get paid for this. I’m just random member of the public. I thought you did this to promote free debate, not to stroke your own egos. You come across as deeply arrogant and insincere.

You used to be my source of Jenny McCarthy news. I’m annoyed because I used to enjoy your shows and now, you behave like pricks. This WordPress site took 20 minutes, and I just collated content from other people. I haven’t made a single video. I’m sure you already know this.

@ Novella
so, I’m not allowed to take the piss? Do one! I’ll fucking do what I want. “Stalker?” I would cross the street to avoid Watson. Because I take the piss out of you, it doesn’t mean I want to stalk you. What a stupid, childish thing to say.

I held you as bastions of rational debate. I am annoyed with myself as I never saw this coming.

I’m not the only person to think this

One Comment on “Steven Novella, you disappoint me. #elevatorgate @skepticsguide”

  1. I think Rebecca Watson has absolutely ZERO credibility in the atheist world.

    She has no specialist knowledge, no presentation/speaking skills, and no idea what “thinking critically” really is. I have absolutely no idea why she is so popular at conventions etc…

    With regard to elevatorgate specifically, then I bow to the superior knowledge and credibility of Dr. Jean Kazez: who makes the most sane points about the incident, and the reason why Dawkins was so dismissive of Watson.


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