Little skeptic twit Rhys not so hot at science

But he got an A* in feminism-for-gullable people.

From a few months ago:


I’m all for donating to Rape Crisis.

It is nonsense to say this culture encourages and condones rape!

Rape is a disgusting crime; offenders should be executed. It is far fetched to say society ENCOURAGES rape

Rhys is fan of Watson, seems to be aspiring feminist, mangina

Morgan spends too much type brown-tonguing Watson. Is he spouting radical feminist doctrine because of her influence?

Just to clarify, Rhys was a twat before this endeavour, which is noble, despite the hyperbolic rhetoric. To clarify further, he behaves like a twit.

I blame the parents. Well, the father


Dr Paul Morgan.

Kicking male genitals is always hilarious.

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Rabid misogyny

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23 Comments on “Little skeptic twit Rhys not so hot at science”

  1. He’d better learn some street-circus skills from Saint Beccy, or how to make bloody-awful ceramic shit from a retarded gibbon.

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  3. JT Eberhard says:

    How do you live with yourself? I seriously don’t know how you can get through a day with this type of callousness and obsession possessing so much of your life.

    Were it less so, I’d be angry at you. As it stands, I pity you.

    • Says the person who cheered, & encouraged with glee, his Saint Rebecca when he heard that she was relentlessly & systematically abusing and hazing a (purposely chosen as female) volunteer solely for her narcissistic pathological amusement!
      Fucking Hypocrite.
      I don’t know how you can live with yourself after that shameful display of true misogyny.

      • Holy crap, you people just lie and lie. It’s amazing. There’s definitely some Fox News grade disinformation going around, like, on every subject even remotely related to feminism.

        The intern, not volunteer, was in on it. No interns were actually hazed in the production of a funny exaggerated story about hazing. A third party was made to think, briefly, for comedic purposes, also known as a prank, that some hazing occurred. And yet, being that the story was fiction, it is still true that no hazing occurred.

        You’re a liar. Or you’re a dupe who was lied to.

      • Sarah says:

        Yeah, the notorious liar Sally Strange is someone to listen to. That sounds likely.

    • elevatorgate says:

      I have a deep passion for the truth; you call it obsession, because it inconveniences you.

      I have a burning desire to show people they’re wrong.

      Overall, Rhys Morgan seems like a funny & intelligent man. I mean that sincerely. That said, he does throw hissy fits; he believes in the patriarchy conspiracy; he spent time on Twitter when he could have been studying and there are a group of people desperate to mollycoddle him.

      Ideology has no place in skepticism. Try and dress it up, if you want, I will mock it.

  4. Heather Dalgleish says:

    I’m sorry – but this is just a touch too bitter and gratuitous. Especially calling Rhys “a little skeptic twit”.

    He is intelligent. He is 17 years old. He is well-known as suffering from depression. I don’t need to agree with his opinions regarding feminism to know when to draw the line in the name of decency when it comes to carping.

    • elevatorgate says:

      He was already “little skeptic twit” from previous incidents. Like thr “fuck the patriarchy bookathon”. He seems content calling people cunts. He shouldn’t give it out if he can’t take it.

      • Heather Dalgleish says:

        To be frank, I don’t like either.

        I mean, I can be very frank and harsh myself – but I like to draw the line at sheer bitter carping and insulting. Neither ‘side’ endears themselves when they engage in that kind of gratuitous mud-slinging.

    • elevatorgate says:

      How was I to know he is afflicted with depression?

      • TychaBrahe says:

        Maybe you should try assuming the best about people, instead of assuming the worst. Seriously. Maybe you should feel sorry for a 17yo who feels like a failure because of his grades, who at the very least has a huge amount of extra work handed to him that he now has to repeat, who has fallen behind his classmates.

        Has nothing bad ever happened in your life? Was there no one at all who said, “Aw, that’s crap, guy. But you’ll get past this. Don’t let the crap get you down”? Why are you so eager to be the Nelson who stands laughing in derision. And just remember, we all know what Nelson goes home to, and he *is* someone to be pitied instead of us taking his mocking to heart.

      • elevatorgate says:

        I also failed lower 6th, pretty spectacularly. It’s not a big deal.

        I was just getting a rise out of Rhys. He is content to dish about abuse, I’m sure this is like water of a duck’s back.

      • Maybe if Rhys had chosen to study instead of joining a toxic cult.
        The Church of Saint Beccy.
        HE chose to go down this path, despite multiple warnings against such an action.
        HE must take his medicine.
        Being “only” 17 is no excuse for not taking one’s lumps for poor decision-making!
        Anyone who says that it does excuse him, is living in cloud-cuckoo-land.

    • Skyclad says:

      Ha ha ha “He is intelligent.” lmao Intelligent enough to fail his exams, achimpanzee can do that, the only thing he’s got over the chimp is that he can fill the forms in lol

      What’s his age got to do with it? This is one of the buffoons that set up a ‘club’ for ‘young’ folks to bitch about not being taken seriously. If the dude wants to be treated like an adult then he, nor his but-kissers, can use his age as a defence of anything.

      That fact of the matter is that he spends ALL his time social networking and wishing he had a vagina. That he essentially ‘failed’ all his exams and did not pass one is indicative of him being either too thick to pass or too lazy to pass. Any medical condition pertinent to his inability to successfully complete his exams could have been taken into consideration but I can’t see how a guy that spends all day on twitter and telling people how to run their lives can claim that he is unable to read a few books and retain the information.

      It’s funny, ever since I first saw a picture of him I pictured him in a McDonald’s uniform, that’s his career path now – I must be psychic lol

      • elevatorgate says:

        I think Rhys is very bright, and capable of top grades.

        He’s not thick.

        He can also got a great sense of humour. Shame he’s fallen in with the wrong crowd. I can picture him at this demo:

        …chanting ‘women hold up half the sky’.

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  7. [...] with a photo. One blogger who describes their blog as “rejecting the watson/myers doctrine” ridiculed skeptical teen activist (and feminist ally) Rhys Morgan for flunking his exams because he had [...]

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  9. fabfables says:

    He really is a disgusting excuse for a human being.

    • Plebiscitical Boor says:

      Fuck me me a bent spoon you lot are out of your tiny little minds. A disgusting excuse for a human being? but a human being nonetheless and therefore to be afforded common decency REGARDLESS of what he has said or done.

      He without sin cast the first stone. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

      All this hatred, on both sides, from supposedly rational people is both devastatingly ironic and an embarrassment to anyone who would identify with rationalism in their world view.


      Continuation of Tropical Shitstorm Myers in 3, 2, 1…

  10. [...] with a photo. One blogger who describes their blog as “rejecting the watson/myers doctrine” ridiculed skeptical teen activist (and feminist ally) Rhys Morgan for flunking his exams because he had [...]


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