How to ruin the life of intrepid critic, Justin Vacula

Not at all.

This is the playbook

1. Write a post of FTBlogs about Justin Vacula, and bitch about him in the comments. There are currently 300+ comments, at the time of writing.
2. Don’t give him the right to reply.
3. Accuse him of filing a Counter DMCA notice, so that he can get Amy’s super secret address.
4. Justin rebuked this, saying it’s absurd, and the business address is publicly listed..
5. Vacula did this, deep in a very long thread. He was systematically responding to all the messages about him, correcting misconceptions. (Do you expect someone to just sit there as malicious propaganda or promulgated?)

Amy and her legion of supporters, who are combing the web, stalking his every move manufacture outrage and make out that he is some sort of stalker.

They went on to publicise the URL, which lead DJ Grothe question why on earth she (Amy) was publicising it?

Flood tweets and blogs with innuendo.

Mission accomplished. Critic silenced(?)

Except Justin Vacula, he deserves all the harrasment in the world. In addition, he should be silenced

This is the perfect response that the FTBullies and Skepchicks have been craving

No, he is an brave hero, the only person who has the gall to speak out against a vicious campaign

Yes, everyone needs to rush and give her more money

Why yes, Justin. You should shut up and stop criticizing our dear friend, Amy Roth. HOW DARE YOU?

Oh dear, some people still see through all this BS:

Quick – LYNCH HIM!

YES, this is the crux of the matter


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