Dissecting Amy’s final message under the moniker of HomerVacula

Please RT? – The end. I’m sure you won’t have been expecting this, but this is the end-game for me. For this account. This is the destination I had in mind when I picked up this ugly mirror and held it in front of all of us; Turned to some more than others, admittedly. Here we are. Intellectuals. Rational Thinkers. Skeptics. Atheists. People who strive to look past their baser instincts even in the face of disagreement.

  • Must you talk like a fag?
  • I don’t identify myself as part of any “skeptic” or freethinker group
  • I live in a country where being an atheist is no big deal. You are so US-centric that you can’t empathise with this!
  • This is what we’ve become. And this is what we’ve lost: The high road. The fundamentalists. The practitioners of magical thinking. The deluded and the deceitful. They’re watching us and gleefully laughing as we attack one another. Or in many cases just get attacked by our own. As we implode, they laugh.

    Again, more poetry, very nice. Is it too much to ask to be succinct?

  • Again, I’m not part of your club. I really don’t know how to hammer this message into you.
  • I don’t believe in a “movement”, I don’t strive for a common goal, I’m certainly not going to make concessions for the greater good. That’s what cults do.
  • I had never heard of you before June 2012, before the T-shirt crying incident. I had heard of Becky, yes, solely because she was on SGU (podcast)
  • Look at Amy Davis Roth. Look at what you’ve done to her. From what I can see, the worst offense she committed was to belong to Skepchick, to cry and express her hurt to someone she felt hurt her. This earned her ad hominem attacks, campaigns to somehow harm her business and a level of childish taunting that I haven’t seen since, well, grade school. Look around you. You did this. You skewered one of your own and barbecued her in front of each other.

  • Here we see you using Appeal To Pity/ Appeal to Emotion to distract us from the very specific points being debated
  • The effects on your business, lamey, are incidental. Do you seriously expect me (and others) to stop critical thinking because it might affect how much money you make?
  • Again, she’s (/you’re) not one of “my own”. I don’t identify with any group. I am fiercely independent. I hate groupthink.
  • You call it an ad homimen attack. I , and others, call it a joke. It’s funny, because it’s so absurd. Can you imagine someone in a conference actually saying ‘Would you like to come to my room and have sex?
  • Rational? Angry. Intellectual? Knee-jerk. Proud? Not so much any more. Once I called all of you my friends, my people, because I had this notion in my mind that you were ‘better’. That you, as a whole, were worthy of my un-flinching belief in your shared goals and intelligence. But that’s not the truth, it turns out. The truth is hideous and savage. The truth is, you’re dully, and sadly, meprerely representative of any other large group of humans. You’re awful.

    We’re a sad, tattered, loosely, if that, confederated people who share many common goals, but can’t seem to share a common space. We’re animals, and I do mean animals in the pejorative sense. Docile creatures in the middle surrounded on all sides by wolves, our own wolves, with a few of the docile who’ve decided to challenge the wolves. The wolves have bared their teeth and now, instead of facing outwards to our foes, they’ve turned inwards to quell the dociles who spoke up. Blood was shed. Blood that can never be returned from whence it came. Staining the ground, indelible this stain will not rub away.

  • Again, I’m not part of your group. I’m not part of any atheist group. I get why some of you Americans feel under siege from religious nutballs, so you feel the need to group together.
  • Your poetic faggy language comes across as extremely pompous, to me. It doesn’t make your argument stronger.
  • I am a “wolf” “snaring my teeth”, in the sense that I’m calling out some very specific claims(?) You’re a “docile creature” running a commercial enterprise, who wants to protect their bottom line at ALL costs (even truth). Ms Docile Creature, you’re also a shepherd, leading your flock of malleable losers (mostly American) who cannot separate emotion from fact
  • Some of you have either started turning around or begun turning your backs on the more egregious bullies. The aggressive, spiteful and rage-fueled. Some of you haven’t. Real bullies. Not #FTBullies who might write an unkind word or ban you from their blog. Real bullies. Including the one I first came here to hold a mirror to, @elevatorgate. He is a clear and obvious representation of all the worst in us. He is our shame made solid. Our secret desire to dominate and put a foot on the neck of.

  • May I remind you, dear Amy, that I was dormant for an extremely long time. Throughout this period, was I “bullying” people? Your argument is hollow
  • wordpress stats

  • Taking the piss out of your bogus arguments =/= rage
  • And we should be ashamed. Ashamed that we, the intellectual, the rational thinkers… that we cannot get along any better than a pack of feral dogs. That we champion our shame instead of overcome it. That we, despite all our tall words and burnished sentiments, we attack our own over petty things, or over shameful failings of our character.

    We should be ashamed. I’m not a #FTBully or a #FTanything. I’m nto a Skepchick. I’m not even someone you’ve probably even heard of. And, frankly and clearly, I’m not a part of this ‘movement’ any more. Good luck. You desperately need it.

  • Ah, but you are. You’re Amy Davis Roth!
  • Note:

    If it wasn’t Amy, it was someone VERY close to her.

  • The Counter DMCA was filed by someone (not me) – someone with a different IP address, in America.
  • It is my understanding that a unique street address in Florida was used, one which has never been used for any other purpose by this person.
  • The trail leads back to Amy/Becky/Skepchicks. There is no other explanantion
  • Amy – shame on you

  • You misused the DMCA process to try and stifle debate OR you (initially) didn’t grasp the concept of fair use provisions
  • You used the name and address from the counter-DMCA notice to coerce the cessation of criticsm
  • Yes, I watched as you kept digging. You wanted me to shut up, stop criticising you. Who’s the wolf now, Amy? That’s you putting your foot on my neck, to use your hyperbole
  • Amy, I speak truly objectively as someone who has never met you, someone who is unlikely to ever cross paths with you.
  • Your behaviour is so dishonest, so reprehensible, that I have strongly considered going public, talking to press. It shoudln’t matter who I am. You should be addressing specific arguments and concerns, not the person who is making them
  • I do not give a flying fuck about the “free thought community”. By that, I mean egos, personalities, “celebrities”. Yes I quite enjoy debate, but only the form of podcast. I do not socialise with people based on their beliefs, I do not self-promote.

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    1. What do you expect from people who love to hear themselves speak & are never wrong?


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