Melody Hensley’s lamest moment?

Damion Reinhardt points to this:

11 Comments on “Melody Hensley’s lamest moment?”

  1. Michael Kingsford Gray says:

    Where on earth does she say that?
    (“We know where you live and work”)
    My dislike for Hensley’s tactics knows no bounds, but that is beyond the pale, and only gives her potent ammunition.

  2. elevatorgate says:

    also related:

  3. latsot says:

    From what I can tell you – elevatorgate – endorse Damion Reinhardt’s outright lie:

    “@MelodyHensley to @Mykeru – We know where you live and work”

    She didn’t say that, did she?

    So how about pointing out somewhere in your post that it didn’t happen?

  4. Michael Kingsford Gray says:

    Why are my questions and your follow-up responses not appearing?
    This is the first time that I agree with latsot on anything!

    • elevatorgate says:

      Questions regarding Damion Reinhardt’s words are best directed at Damion Reinhardt. (Click reply on the tweet above to interact with him.) (He blocked me some time ago).

      You should watch mykeru’s “clowns” video first, it is pertinent. (It’s the one that’s 45 mins long).

      • latsot says:

        Right, so you’re just a noble, disinterested reporter, incapable of skeptical comment on obvious lies because of your strict neutrality. Your integrity astounds me.

        So is Reinhardt lying or not? Did @MelodyHensley say that or didn’t she?

        If she did, why on Earth don’t you gleefully point to where she said it?

        If she didn’t, why do you gleefully repeat the lie that she did?

    • latsot says:

      Careful, Michael, you’ll end up with a hilarious elevatorgate nickname. Hey, maybe I could write an Elevatorgate Nickname Generator to save him some effort. Should be easy enough: the most important thing is the dubious rhyme, much less important that the ‘pun’ makes any sense or refers to genuine behaviour.

      Except in my case, of course. I’m well known across the Internet for sobbing.

  5. For those of you who are somehow unclear on where and how exactly M.H. implied that she knows where he lives (they are practically neightbors) and where he works (for the government) it’s already been explained by Mykeru himself –


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