Observer writer, Elizabeth Day, upsets mentally ill Social Justice Warriors!

.. oh what, like SJWs? BOOM!

Your face is ignorant.

Oh look,the Stillicides fatty:

Crapple Writer

Hope again, missy!

More like: on ice

What a wanker

“A platform”.


I haven’t read her article, I’m just delighted she’s upset whiny SJWs. She is a hero!

2 Comments on “Observer writer, Elizabeth Day, upsets mentally ill Social Justice Warriors!”

  1. butterflywgs says:

    Um. Wow. No. You need to think about this.
    See, I happen to be a feminist who is…’mentally ill’. OOOGABOOGA! It is NOT OK to use mentally ill as a slur against people you disagree with.
    It seems like one or two of the people you quote are extreme trans activists/ jendah-worshippers/ hipster SJWs. I don’t agree with those people. I also don’t agree with Elizabeth Day’s article.
    You’ve thrown people with mental health issues under the bus to make a point about SJWs. It’s not as if they don’t produce enough othercmaterial to mock. Not OK.

    • elevatorgate says:

      I haven’t even read Elizabeth Day’s article – see ‘disclaimer’ at end.

      Her detractors may well have valid points. I will never know; I will not enact the labour of reading her article.

      1. What’s telling here, is whiny SJWs lamenting her use of twitters “block” function. They champion its use, but then take great umbrage when Day uses it herself.

      2. The trope of “having a platform” is lame. Go get your own platform. As if published writers should be ashamed that they are talented enough to get paid. If you feel someone is wrong then respond to them. Write an open letter. (Publish it on – it’s free. Even I have a platform.) Don’t shower the author with condescension and insults.


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