MJRobbins lied about me outing a rape victim after I exposed his histrionics

MJRobbins lies about me endangering a rape victim

Many pages have been written about the social and legal aspects of this problem, but there has been far less discussion about how this relates to public health, or technology. The people doing this are not generally among life’s winners. They are typically younger men, often with some form of mental health issue, looking for attention or some sense of self-worth through notoriety.
Some are clearly obsessive. One individual, a London-based man calling himself “ElevatorGate”, has created an online archive of more than 15,000 Storify posts, watching his targets – mostly women – all day, and meticulously documenting their online conversations. In the last few years he has created dozens of accounts on Twitter, Storify and WordPress, at one point even blogging in support of the convicted rapist and ex-pro footballer Ched Evans, pointing readers to an internet forum where his victim was named.

The truth is: I embarrassed his friends. The top person to be storified was a male, RhysMorgan (aka Rice). Note other males in that top ten list were Josh (“SpokesGay”) and some guy called MJRobbins.

I make storifies using a app called Tweetbot, which can create a storify post in less than a second, with a single gesture and tap.

In other words, it’s a scattergun approach.


You’ll note the lack of citations for the Ched Evans rape victim thing – that’s because he invented it.

Ben Gold daycare and Brian Cox

Now he has friends who are notable in their own right – Ben Goldacre and Brian Cox’s Wife. Both BenGold and GiaCox are entertainers and educators. They’ve been on the telly and everything. He has more gravitas than me. I would imagine strangers would believe him over me. Such is life.

You’ll note how he mentioned me being a Londoner. This after one of the mendacious bullies said I was a Floridian:

(I made myself available to press and heads of orgs for interview, to prove I was based in London, and never set foot in Florida. So now, MJRobbins can be confident in saying I am from there.)

I am a brown person of colour. I am not racist. MJRobbins can say what he likes about me, with impunity.

I am motivated by a sense of justice. When MJRobbins and Helen Lewis were framed as racist by seemingly mentally ill people, I put my grievances aside in search for the truth.

Brave hero

Etymology of brave hero

I’m a pseudonymous blogger. Rhys Morgan was caught red handed in a conspiracy to doxx me. I posted a blog entry with a tongue-in-cheek self descriptor as “brave hero”. It has stuck ever since, as a sort of meme.

Becky is like Suey Park, on steroids

In defense of Becky: her stand-up makes more sense if you watch this first

Sober up, Becky



SparkyFister does uncanny impression of the Bexxter

Did The Bexxter make antisemetic remarks?


There is no evidence she did and I don’t think she did.
(A bloke claimed she did in twitter but pretty sure he’s a joker?)