The betrayal of Perry DeAngelis

Steve Novella, Rebecca Watson, Jay Novella, Robert Novella, Evan Bernstein, Perry DeAngelis

What Perry would say


Blocking people with superb critical thinking skills:


Only happened relatively recently. I hope it was Becky, very disappointed if it was a Novella or a Bernstein.

The dangers of RadFem indoctrination

The solution

I have no problem with Becky, only her dogma.

I owe you all a debt of gratitude; you donate your time and expertise for the public good.

It is somewhat difficult for me to write this; you helped me perfect my critical thinking skills. I do not wish to come across as disrespectful. I plead that you look beyond emotion and instead respond to science and reason. Let’s keep dogma and science separate, even if it hurts feelings.

The sceptics guide to the universe – your escape to reality

Bob Novella calls brother ‘silly little girl’ on SGU, INVOKES BECKY’S WRATH! (HT@LittleJojoIsMe)

From The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe Episode Podcast #319 – Aug 24 2011

It happens just toward the end of the Science or Fiction segment. Listen at 1 hour 09 mins in

Robert novella aka Bob Novella, panel member of Skeptics Guide to the Universe

Rebecca Watson aka skepchick

Fuck the “Skeptics guide to the universe” and fuck Rebecca Watson

I’m done with these guys!
I’m so freaking tired of Rebecca Watson’s fucking feminist agenda, and i need some place to vent my frustration!
I mean, i need to hear shit from her telling a co-host off for calling someone a little girl.. Just because we usually use that term to describe someone who’s a pussy. Which is also a word we use to describe someone who’s weak or fragile. Do you really have to go on some spiel about how you’re proud to be a woman and shit just because someone uses a commonly used term to describe a weakling?

Rebecca Watson’s disgusting conduct – she is unfit to be on the SGU (Skeptics’ Guide To The Universe) Panel

I feel very strong revulsion and disgust at her infantile behaviour, and the disrespect she has shown for Richard Dawkins.

She was very clearly bragging about being hit on. She was called out on it, and rather than apologising gracefully, she dug her heels in.

The other panelists at SGU, for whom I once had great respect, are victims of groupthink. Listen to their circle jerk here.
A direct link to the MP3 file is here.

REBECCA WATSON - I Hate with vagina

sack rebecca watson from skeptics guide

was having the same thought 5 mins ago!

untenable - sack her now!!